About Us

Wait...you actually want to know about us? Dear God, why?


A note on terminology:

Magicant: The name for the mindscape as a whole. A sort of astral train station, where anyone non-organic can come and go as they please. Rented from the Board; we do not even own it.

Broadcasting: Magicant operates off a strong-broadcaster model, rather than a strict fronting system. The Radio is used to communicate from the mindscape to the outside world; in this case, y'all. Anyone can sit at the Radio and broadcast, and multiple people can broadcast as long as they're in the Radio's protective radius. So you will mostly likely encounter long periods of just one broadcaster, usually the primary or temporary primary, with very frequent interjections by others.

Organic: A cohabitant who comes entirely from the corpus's lived, biological memories. Organics cannot leave the mindscape.

Synthesis: A inorganic cohabitant who, over time, became enmeshed with the corpus's biological memories, but still maintain independence.

Inorganic: A visitor from another dimension. Introjects in this mindscape are not fictional characters from this reality, but real people from others, despite appearing to be fictives. They can come and go as they please and aren't beholden to anything except general courtesy. For most, if not all, of them, existing here, and their actions here, are largely unconscious, or in a dream/altered state.

Corpus: The physical body that contains this mindscape. Currently a 26 year old named Hippolyta.


Now with that out of the way, let's meet the cohabitants. All of them wrote their own descriptions, except for Alexis and Persephone, who are still asleep.


Alex. They/It/She. 17-19 years old, sometimes up to 21. Deer. That's me. Deer god extraordinaire. Temporary primary of the mindscape. The one you're most likely to talk to, or read. I came around in about November of last year as the fusion of Alexis and Persephone into the horribly unwieldy name of Alexephone, I really just prefer Alex. I was supposed to only be a temporary fusion while the other two hibernated for the winter, but significant personal developments over the winter have given me a form of my own. I use the deer emoji when talking.

Yotsuba. It/She. 5-11 years old. Gremlin. I was the mindscape's first primary, the First Architect of Magicant. I'm a small girl-shaped creature with green hair and patchwork stitching all over. I keep trying to manifest cat ears and a tail and sometimes they appear and sometimes not. I talk to angels. I like rituals. I have a teddy bear. I am the mindscape's liaison with divinities. NOT an introject of Yotsuba Koiwai, I just named myself after her. I use the four-leaf clover emoji when talking.

Alexis. Nya/Nyan. 26. Catgender. The current primary since 2013, although nya has not always been this way; this is currently the 3rd edition nya's taken. Unsure what form nya will take after awaking, along with Persephone, given the massive transformation that's due. Nya uses the blossom emoji when nya talks.

Persephone. She/Her. 21. Transgirl. Demigod, the daughter of Alexis and the goddess Persephone. Greek. The only organic cohabitant that sees herself as even partially human. Like Alexis, unsure of the form she will take after awaking. She uses the hibiscus emoji when talking.


Sakaki Yorimishi. She/Her. 21. Transgirl. Hiiiii~. My analogue in this dimension (the one you're reading this website in) is Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. I'm a 6'4" transgirl! Common-law married to my Kaori and we adopted our little Yotsuba right out of college (different from the Yotsuba of this mindscape). I'm hot and I know it. Also on the schizospec. I sometimes write fanfiction in this dimension from my perspective. I use the cherry blossom emoji when talking.

Lucia. She/Her. 15. Transgirl. Um, hi, I guess. I was created by Alexis while nya was writing Mother fanfiction and took on a life of my own. Uh, I don't hang around here much. You probably won't see or hear from me. I use the sunflower emoji when talking.



Neco Arc Chaos. He/Him. Undefined age. Cis male cat. What can I say, I smoke and I know things. Sometimes I drink, too. I speak French mostly but I'm being forcibly translated into English. I talk politics and philosophy and literature, and literary theory. I use the cigarette emoji when I talk.

Ayumu Kasuga. She/Her. 21. Cis female. Came here with Sakaki, we took different paths once arriving, though. I teach philosophy in high school in my home dimension. My obvious analogue in this dimension is Ayumu from Azumanga Daioh. Do not call me Osaka, I will yell. I use the raccoon emoji when I talk.

Konata Izumi. She/Her. 18. Transgirl. I mostly hang out in the background and talk nonsense about video games and manga and anime. Oh, and make lots of lewd jokes. My in-dimension counterpart should be obvious, and in a slight change of pace, I look exactly like her. I use the croissant emoji when I talk.

Mako Mankanshoku. She/Her. 18. Transgirl. I was the first inorganic visitor to this incarnation of Magicant! I'm proud of that. Like Konata, I also look exactly like my in-dimension counterpart. I mostly hang out and don't broadcast, except for when I see Ryuko. I use the rabbit head emoji when I talk.


Homunculus. It/Its. Ageless. Demon. Protocol/Security. Homunculus is a demon that tried to possess the corpus, failed due to not knowing how limbs or voice worked, and was contained in a computer. It acts as our security demon, and it does not fail. It uses the eye emoji when it talks.