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Anti-Normalcy is Revolutionary.

Published on July 30, 2022.

Calling this an essay or article is generous.

It's more magnanimous amounts of disappointment and frustration.

You would think that so called "communists" would understand that the current cultural milieu is reactionary.

That puritanism is in and of itself reactionary.

That "normalcy" has been forcibly imposed on all and that "non-normal" individuals have been suppressed and tortured for decades as part of state policy.

That appealing to "morality" will always only lead to Rightist deviations.

That thinking we need to adopt puritanism, sexual chastity, straightedge culture, and other creations of bourgeois thinking and moralism because we stick the word "revolutionary" in front of it is going to win us support with the masses. THIS IS TAILIST THINKING! This is literally tailism! You're caving to the reactionary tendencies of the cultural hegemony instead of confronting it head-on and destroying it!

I feel like I'm going insane, even more so than I already am. Do these puritans not realize the historical predecessors they're following? People who wanted to criminalize gay and trans people from existing? People who wanted mass censorship of all media they considered "degenerate"? DO THEY NOT REALIZE THEY'RE FOLLOWING FUCKING NAZIS?

Do they really think that just because fascists on Twitter post porn sometimes that the correct line is to repeat rhetoric from actual fascists, and not just people on the Internet? By the Unknown and Single One, these intellectual cups of decaf are going to moralize themselves into Christian asceticism yesterday.

Anti-degeneracy is reactionary. It will always be reactionary. This idea that the Old State endorses or promotes "degeneracy" is literally fascist myth and always has been. The Old State has been ruthless against all it considers "degenerate" for as long as its existed, not just against queerness, or transness, or sexual activity, or what turns people on, but also against nations it has enslaved and genocided. The "heroes" of these reactionary "left-puritans" are the same people who considered, and still consider, Black music "degenerate" and targeted it alongside and equal to porn in the 80s and 90s. But these redditors and channers calling themselves "communists" believe the fascist lies abounding on those sites that the bourgeois state promotes degeneracy. You'd fit nicely alongside the InfoWars crowd, who say a lot of the same shit as you do about art and literature.

Anti-user, and anti-use, rhetoric will always be reactionary. It completely ignores the politics of drug use in the settler polities on this continent. People do drugs for literally a billion different reasons, and it's moralistic and chauvinistic to think that you can just "give them revolutionary geist" and make them ex-users. It's Christian nonsense. Users should be treated compassionately and fairly by the revolutionary movement, and revolutionary medical units should incorporate overdose response and safe supply equipment into their training and practice. Should drug use be encouraged? Not necessarily, but it should not be demonized.

There is no such thing as "left-moralism" or "left-puritanism". It's just moralism, it's just puritanism, it's just Christian cultural hegemony like everything else you bastards try to paint as "revolutionary". Cultural revolution will exterminate these lines of thought, whether they call themselves "puriteen" or "tenderqueer" or "anti-ship" or "anti-fiction" or whatever, as reactionary. A true revolutionary culture will destroy bourgeois moralism and create a new, truly progressive, anti-reactionary, anti-puritan culture organically through successive cultural revolutions.