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Here you can find everything we've written, fiction-wise, in order; first by fandom, then by published date. Most are crossposted between AO3 and FF Dot Net, but there are a few that are only on one site or the other, either because of FF Dot Net's puritanical posting standards or schizo brain.

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Cleyera Japonica: A short oneshot about a young Sakaki coming out as a girl despite her mother trying to force her to live as a boy. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

A Dance: A fic in four chapters about Tomo and Yomi realizing their love for each other, and Kaorin and Sakaki also trying to make things work despite the worst intentions of their respective families. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

From the Streets: A fic about Kagura's poor, radical upbringing as a Black Ryukyuan in Okinawa who was frequently harassed by cops and American soldiers, and how that experience affected her outlook on the world. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Skating: A short oneshot featuring Sakaki and Kaorin going ice skating in the mountains during college. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

All My Children: A drabble collection centered on Yukari and her interactions with the girls, and how over the three years she teaches them, she grows to love them as if they were her own children. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Family Matters: Graduated and happily living together, Sakaki and Kaorin take the steps to start a family of their own. [FF Dot Net]

Things Fall Apart: Tomo and Kaorin run into each other in the forest one tragic night. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Clair de Lune: Spending the night at Osaka and Chiyo's, Tomo has something she wants to say. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Best Friends Forever!: Tomo is hell-bent on finding the small girl with glasses that was staring at her in class. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Out: Now in college, Sakaki makes the decision that since she's living comfortably as a transgirl, it's time to tell the people in her life that she trusts the most. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Aftermath: After the class dance, Tomo, Yomi, Kaorin, and Sakaki have to turn those emotions into relationships. Direct sequel to 'A Dance'. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

You're In Love, Yukari Tanizaki!: A strange thing, love. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Maybe, Just Maybe: After they were each bounced by love interests for someone else, Ayumu and Kagura find comfort in each other, and things start to click. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Maybe, Just Maybe: the NSFW Cut: So what happened between Chapters 2 and 3 of Maybe, Just Maybe? Find out here. NSFW. [AO3]

Define Dancing: Sakaki joins a stargazing Kaorin, and they end up talking about more than just planets. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Musings on Okinawa: Ayumu and Kagura cuddle on the deck during the school trip to Okinawa, and are joined by a worried friend. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

[null]: One of the worst days in a young transgirl's life is saved by a delinquent with a heart. STRONG CONTENT WARNINGS APPLY. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING. [AO3]

Daybreak: I, Sakaki, have had a long night. [AO3]


Sunflower Blooming: A butterfly emerges from its cocoon. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Battle Against a Misanthropic Opponent: Lucia, Duster, Kumatora, and Boney head east out of Tazmily...and face off against a very strange robot. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Mother: Lucia finds herself in a strange, peaceful world, and reunites with someone very special. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Boy With the Orange Hair: The Masked Man finds a small reprieve from the hurricane around him. [AO3]

Tanetane: On a strange island, Lucia finds out more about herself than she bargained for. [AO3]

First Night Home: Lucia's first night home in over three years is full of terror. Luckily, her brother is there for her. [AO3]

Unmasked: Shortly after the victory celebration after wiping out the last Pigmasks, Claus learns how to feel emotions again, and is immediately put to the test. It goes not how he expected. [AO3]

Ode to a Boy: A poem from Claus's perspective. [AO3]

You're Not Alone: Claus runs off, and Lucia has to find and confront him. [AO3]

Magicant Again: Claus has a very strange daydream. [AO3]

Soft Drink: Claus is thirsty. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

Bein' Friends: Lucia and Kumatora have a heart-to-heart. [AO3]

Acceptance: Lucia prepares for her first fights since coming out, which means coming out to the other fighters. [AO3]



As Above, So Below: Connor has been chosen to participate in the Atzak Protocol, and gets way more than he bargained for. [AO3]

sometimes we amuse ourselves before god laughs.: Connor's dropped into the blast plain of what used to be Site-100 with a singular task. [AO3]

[KILL LA KILL] The Things Girlfriends Do: A couple of years after the end of the events of the main series, Ryuko has a debilitating stroke. Thankfully, she has the world's best girlfriend to help her adjust to her new life. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

[MISS KOBAYASHI'S DRAGON MAID] Shouka: Over the course of a day, truths long suppressed force their way to the front, and change a young child's life forever. [FF Dot Net] [AO3]

[NEON GENESIS EVANGELION] Pulse: The same life pulses through the Children of Adam and Children of Lilith that was bestowed by the Unknown One. Shinji Katsuragi finds the synthesis to complete the dialectic. She becomes terror and beauty. Conflicts broach the surface, and understandings are made. Takes place shortly after the events of Episode 24. [AO3]